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Experience Kauai's beauty and the excitement of a helicopter tour. See Kauai from a whole new perspective!

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Kauai Helicopter Tours

We offer the best selection of helicopter tours all delivered by knowledgeable and friendly tour operators.

Kauai Experience Helicopter Tour
The Kauai Experience

Discover the best Kauai has to offer with this helicopter tour.

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Photography Helicopter Tour in Kauai
Photography Flight

If you’re a photographer, this is the helicopter tour you want to be on.

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Kauai waterfall Helicopter Tour
Deluxe Waterfall Tour

Words fail to adequately describe the beauty these Kauai waterfalls.

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Waimea Canyon Helicopter Tour
Waimea Canyon Tour

Dubbed “Kauai’s Grand Canyon”, Waimea delivers incredible sights to see.

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Why Our Helicopter Tour Agency?

We are a family owned and operated company that has assembled the best Kauai tours available. If you’re looking for a little adventure and a new way to soak in Kauai’s beauty, then look no further. Team tested – customer approved.

  • The most exciting helicopter tours available on Kauai

  • We even have special options available for photographers or special occasions like proposals

Kauai Helicopter Tours

The Experience

Best Helicopter Tours in Kauai

Our mission is to offer the best possible experience for you and your family.

Best Helicopter Tours on Kauai
Great Experience

The experience is incredible, packed with breathtaking views and education from the pilots

Family Friendly

This activity has something for everyone in your family; action, speed, tranquility, and views

Lifetime Memories

If you’re looking for an activity sure to build lasting memories, then book a helicopter tour today

What Our Customers Say

Our customers love the Kauai helicopter experiences we provide


Educational Articles

Great articles to learn about the overall helicopter experience.

Make the most from your tour
Helicopter Tours
How to make the most a Helicopter Tour

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Napali Coast Helicopter Tour
Helicopter Tours
Flying over the popular Napali Coastline

Picture this. A coastline covered in pristine greenery and lapped by dazzling ocean waves. Lush rainforests and deep canyons…

Waterfalls in Kauai
Helicopter Tours
Top waterfalls you will see on your helicopter tour

The Kauai Island in Hawaii is home to a diverse collection of geology. From deep canyons to high cliffs, lush rainforests...

Helicopter at Waimea Canyon
Helicopter Tours
Travelers Guide to Visiting the Waimea Canyon

The next time you visit Hawaii, the Waimea Canyon must be on your to-do list. It is a true gem nestled on the lush island of Kauai....

Helicopter vs Airplain
Helicopter Tours
Choosing a Helicopter Tour vs Airplane Tour

If you plan on visiting Hawaii anytime soon, Kauai should be at the top of your list. It is truly a magical place that feels like...

helicopter tour photography
Helicopter Tours
4 Tips: Kauai Photography from a Helicopter

You’re visiting Kauai and want to take a helicopter tour. This famous experience is one for the books. And it makes for...